There is a new program starting up from the Kennewick Police Department that will let you and your pup patrol your neighborhood and the new program starts soon.

The Kennewick Police Department is having their initial Paws On Patrol meeting on April 29th at 6 PM at the Kennewick Police Department.

You'll learn about the Kennewick Police Department's new crime awareness program, "Paws on Patrol," that encourages dog walkers to assist in crime prevention by providing extra eyes and ears.

The program will train you in how to effectively observe and report criminal activity as you are out in your neighborhood with your four-legged companions.

You will also learn about local crime trends and statistics, as well as what constitutes suspicious behavior and what to do about it when you see it.

The KPD is requesting for the meeting at the KPD station, please leave your furry ones at home.

You can get more details on the Paws On Patrol here


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