YouTube sensation and wildlife educator and conservationist Coyote Peterson stars in his 1st network television show called 'Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild' which airs on Animal Planet Sunday, February 9th.

Coyote Peterson has enmassed 15.4 million YouTube subscribers on his popular YouTube channel Brave Wilderness and has an astounding 2.9 Billion views!

On this special episode of Conversations with Coyote, Coyote channels his inner Doctor Dolittle to talk to animals and find out if they're as excited to see the brand new Dolittle film as he is! Plus, get ready for some extra-special RAT BASKETBALL! Who will win?! Watch to find out!

We had the chance to interview Coyote Peterson listen to what he has to say about his new exciting show which will debut Sunday, February 9th on Animal Planet

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