Actor Zac Efron had a seriously sketchy run-in with transients in a shady section of Los Angeles on Sunday night (March 23). The hunky actor, who has been proudly sober after completing rehab, was punched in the face during the ordeal.

Wait, WTF? There are more questions than answers in this scary situation.

Apparently, Zac and his bodyguard were seen fighting with at least three people under the Harbor Freeway, which was being patrolled by cops due to its reputation for dangerous drug and gang activity, per TMZ.

The police broke up the fight and proceeded to question the actor.

To be honest, Efron's version of events seems a bit questionable. He said that they ran out of gas and were sitting in their car waiting for a tow truck when they tossed a bottle out the window.

Um, isn't that littering? Yes, but it's beside the point.

The bottle smashed near a group of transients, who quickly confronted the twosome, believing that they intentionally threw the bottle at them. Two of the people attacked Efron's bodyguard and when Efron exited the car to assist, he was punched in the mouth.

He reportedly said, "It was the hardest I've ever been hit in my life."

That's doubly scary since Efron slipped and broke his jaw thanks to a puddle that formed in his home in late 2013. So his mouth is likely still a sensitive area.

A source said that Efron was intoxicated, which is sad, since he was seen wearing his sobriety medal only a few months ago.

Also, their ordeal begs two huge questions: What were Efron and his bodyguard doing in a such a shady area in the first place and how do you run out of a gas in a really sketched out neighborhood? Wouldn't it make sense to fuel up before traveling in possibly dangerous necks of the woods? From the report, it sounds like an area you don't just venture into without purpose.

Arrests were not made related to the fight since it was considered "mutual combat."

We really hope that Efron has not fallen off the wagon and we're glad that this scary situation wasn't worse.

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