When is the last time you have taken a family bike ride? For me it's been years, okay never..So yesterday I literally dusted of my bike and hit a fun little trail with my Husband, Son-in-law, Grandsons and my Sister.

I'll admit I tried to bag out because it was slightly windy yesterday but now I'm so glad I didn't. We hit the trail on Steptoe street just behind the car wash and followed it west for about 2.5 miles and ended up at Badger Mountain park off of Keene in Richland. The ride there was slightly up hill and at one point I didn't think I could make it...sad I know but once we arrived I was pleased to see the new Badger Mountain slash and play zone very cool especially since they are predicting a extra hot summer this year. a great place to ride and take the kids. The best part of the bike ride was on the way home, DOWNHILL. I made it almost 5 miles and survived. Think I'm going to have to do that again soon!