Gas prices are soaring! Seems like each week, it’s up another 10 cents!  I’ve been trying to think of ways to combat that.  I honestly wonder if at some point…I won’t be ABLE to AFFORD to drive to work to make money. Kind of a catch 22 I think! 

Maybe gas prices would get more people to take the bus. Or start carpooling or working from home “telecommuting”.  Some people do that now and companies are finding it’s more profitable for them as well.

I could ride my bike to work, or ride my horse…maybe jog.  But, there are the downsides…being all sweaty when you jog to work.  Riding my horse on the freeway doesn’t seem to safe and a bike ride…well, that might be the best one yet!  But, a chilly or icy morning makes me think that could be pretty miserable!  We’ve all gotten so used to the comfort of our own heated car ride to work!   

What would you do if gas prices made it too expensive to drive to work each day?  If you could choose an alternative what would it be?  Have you pondered that question lately too?  What do you think?  My prefrence of course would be to have all my transporation be on horseback.  Of course, then I would have to let go of being anywhere in a very timely manner.  If it were acceptable I actually would prefer that lifestyle for a change…It would be nice to not have to be in a hurry all the time!