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Best Bike Shops in the Tri-Cities
As spring spring forth bicycle riding is a perfect activity. It's an amazing way to stay in shape and it allows you to clear your mind. Here are the best bike shops around the Tri-Cities to get your wheels up to speed:
A Fun Fairly Easy Bike Ride In Richland
When is the last time you have taken a family bike ride? For me it's been years, okay never..So yesterday I literally dusted of my bike and hit a fun little trail with my Husband, Son-in-law, Grandsons and my Sister.
High Prices At The Pump Instigate Alternatives
Gas prices are soaring! Seems like each week, it’s up another 10 cents!  I’ve been trying to think of ways to combat that.  I honestly wonder if at some point…I won’t be ABLE to AFFORD to drive to work to make money. Kind of a cat…