Well age must be catching up with me. I simply bent over yesterday and when I came back up, pure pain in my lower back. Really bend over and back goes out. Yep that is the sad state of affairs when you get in your 40's. But I found an age old miracle mineral.I thought "Epsom Salts" were just an Old Wives Tale. After a trip to the chiropractor, a massage, and ice all day, I was willing to try anything. So my husband drew a nice hot bath and poured in two cups of Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with lavender. To my surprise after a 20 minute soak in the tub I felt a lot better. I did some research today and it seems this is the little mineral that could. Here's just some of the benefits of Epsom salts:

  • Relieves pain and muscle cramps
  • Helps muscles and nerves function properly
  • Helps prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots
  • Makes insulin more effective
  • Relieves constipation
  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • Those are only eight health benefits to find out more click here. I am now a Epsom Salt believer.