I've been a pretty active person my whole life! I just happen to enjoy most things that get my body moving! But certainly,  I have times when I feel like a SLUG! And I don't want to do much of anything! And THAT is usually in the dead of winter when it feels too cold to move!

This morning, after a short gym workout, I was driving home and passed a fairly "heavy set" woman bundled up and jogging in the cold. And my admiration went out to her!

How hard it must be to be way over weight and to still have the motivation and discipline to get up and go out in the cold and pound the pavement to improve her physical and mental health. I wanted to scream out the window at her "Way to Go! So great! What an inspiration!" (I didn't of course, but I just had such appreciation for her in that moment.)

It HAS to be even more difficult for her even than for myself. I think the impact of running or doing excercise of any kind is certainly MORE difficult the heavier you are! So, I was instantly impressed!

I have learned that exercise really HAS to be something that you consider as important as eating, and sleeping! Or breathing for that matter!

I hate to admit, I'm an inconsistent exerciser!  Meaning, that I do cardio and weightlifting, daily for a while, then drop off if I'm too busy, then pick it back up etc.  I don't let myself get to out of hand or go too long, but sometimes I just get too busy and feel like other things have priority.  Particularly if I'm training a horse. But, I'm usually still being somewhat active so I justify it that way.

I've always been particularly impressed with runners that do it daily rain or shine Their whole life!!  That is NOT ME!

But, every time I get myself to exercise consistently, I see a huge increase in energy! Now for the first week or two I actually feel more tired! I guess because it takes your body a bit of time to adjust. But, then my energy  increases so much that I'm waking up earlier, feeling better, getting right out to do what I need to do in a day and accomplishing way more! It really works! I guess it's having the discipline to do it even when you don't want to!

And, that refers back to my post last week! I so believe in it, and sometimes forget it!

Anyway, getting that BLOOD PUMPIN"! Must be a vital part for our minds and our bodies in order to feel good!

So if by chance you are feelin' sluggish and unmotivated, get out and get some exercise! Start doing a small amount of exercise everyday no matter what! See if you feel any better! And let me know what works for you! And if you ARE a consistent exerciser, who does it EVERYDAY no matter what, please post a reply and let us know how you keep inspired! Thanks, Faith