Eastern WA Has Worst Air in County Right Now, Say Experts
According to various sources, the air quality in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Northeast Oregon is among the worst in the entire U.S., due to smoke from those British Columbia fires and others. On the map, yellow is moderate, orange not very good, and red is 'put on a mask and stay indoor…
Its Official! Tri-Cities Has a Red Flag Warning
Humidity and moisture levels are causing a red flag warning. This is the right condition for fires to erupt.
Firefighters say this is early for a red flag warning. "It's time to be extra cautious, especially if you are using open barbeques and fire pits," said Benton County Fir…
Smokey Skies Are From the Table Mountain Fires
You'd think it was armageddon or something by the way it looks outside!
I didn't live here when Mt. Saint Helen's erupted but I imagine it looked like this out then.
I think the majority of the smoke and ash is possibly coming from the Table Mountain Fires (don't quote me on this..…

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