How Long To Nap For The Best Health Benefits
I don't know about you but I love my naps, probably has something to do with the god awful early hour I have to get up every morning but researchers have found that a 10-20 minute power nap is best for a boost in your alertness and energy.
Announcing NEW Remee Mask
There is a new mask that allows you to control your dreams. You read that right!
The Remee mask let's you steer your dreams where you want them to go while you are in REM sleep. The mask detects when you're in a deep sleep, and flashes a few faint red lights in a specific sequence…
Here’s How to Give Your Kid Trust Issues
If you need a quick laugh to start your weekend off right, watch this video of a kid who fell asleep in a stroller...even though he looks way too old to use one. And his parents woke him up by leaving him in the center of the "Splash Zone" outside a water ride...