Forrest Gump Crashes a Wedding Photo Shoot [VIDEO]
Tom Hanks was jogging in Central Park, he saw a couple having their wedding photos being taken. so he decided to swing by and say hi!! how awesome is that!!
VIDEO CREDIT: First Day Films @FirstDayFilms
Tom Hanks Crashes Our Wedding from First Day Films on Vimeo...
Do I Have to Serve Alcohol at My Wedding? [POLL]
I'm stressing out a little bit. Inside my head there's a debate on whether to serve alcohol at my wedding reception. Stacy Lee says, "Of course you have to!" But it's at a public park. I don't want the repercussions of someone sneaking it. Or someone getting was…
How Long Is Long Enough? [POLL]
When someone announces their engagement people love to talk about if it's "too soon." On the flip side, we've all rolled our eyes at people who've been "engaged" for five years with three kids! So, what is the right amount of time?

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