Royal Wedding Pick-up Lines!
CAUTION: With great pick-up line power comes great responsibility.
*Hey, Harry's grandma! I like the way you shake that thang.
* Hey Meghan! I just want to dunk your head under that chocolate fountain and go to town on your face.
*Hey Meghan...
Forrest Gump Crashes a Wedding Photo Shoot [VIDEO]
Tom Hanks was jogging in Central Park, he saw a couple having their wedding photos being taken. so he decided to swing by and say hi!! how awesome is that!!
VIDEO CREDIT: First Day Films @FirstDayFilms
Tom Hanks Crashes Our Wedding from First Day Films on Vimeo...
Do I Have to Serve Alcohol at My Wedding? [POLL]
I'm stressing out a little bit. Inside my head there's a debate on whether to serve alcohol at my wedding reception. Stacy Lee says, "Of course you have to!" But it's at a public park. I don't want the repercussions of someone sneaking it. Or someone getting was…

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