I had the pleasure of visiting Tri-Tech Skills Center again today. I've been there a few times to talk to the students who are taking the Radio class there with Ed Daily. Ed is an amazing teacher at Tri-Tech, and also hosts our "Legends of Country" show on Sundays on our sister station KORD.

I'm always so impressed with that school and the curriculum.  I often think how much better off I would have been had I had a school like that to go to.

One of the things that frustrated me in High school was the fact that there was no "hands on" learning going on.

Tri-Tech has the Radio class, And  also has film, auto, cooking, and a myriad of other technical and professional occupational courses.

The teachers seem to be top notch and really seem to inspire and motivate the students.

I didn't have my phone with me to take photos, so I missed that opportunity. But I encourage you parents or students if your interested to check out the possibilities and availability for you or your student to attend Tri-tech.

Our company here at Townsquare Media employ students from the radio program to intern with us here on 98.3 The Key and our other stations.  It's surprising just how much the students are prepared for employment in radio.

I believe the school works in collaboration with lots of Tri-Cities business' to help secure employment opportunities for students.

It's really a great help in today's world!