2022 is here in the Tri-Cities and here's hoping for a better year than 2021 and 2020. We decided to ask the listeners of the Tri-Cities what they'd want for a Tri-Cities resolution.

Here Are 10 Things That Need Fixed In Tri-Cities Washington

We've compiled our favorites of the resolutions and the range of them went from streets getting repaired to getting vaccinated.

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We've compiled the top 10 resolutions for the Tri-Cities and let's see if they match up with what you think we could do better in the year 2022.

attachment-new year ten

Lewis Street exits are the bane of our existence. I called the Blue Bridge the "Blue Bridge of Death" for good reason. Do you realize that when you come onto the Blue Bridge from Lewis Street that you don't have the right of way? The driver that hangs in the left lane rolling down 395 doesn't have to move over for you. I don't think a lot of people realize that. If I have a resolution for the Tri-Cities, it's all about fixing that crazy exit.

attachment-new year nine

When do they clean the streets in the Tri-Cities? I'm not sure but one listener said we need more sand and ice melt on the roads. We've got a lot of hills to climb around here and the extra sand and ice melt would go a long way to keeping our roads safe in the winter.

attachment-new year eight

Trader Joe's where are you? When we do a survey of Tri-Cities wants, it's always at the top of the list. I think it's time in 2022 to make it a reality and bring Trader Joe's to the Tri-Cities.

attachment-new year seven

It's an obvious one, but one listener suggested getting vaccinated and wearing a mask for 2022.

attachment-new year six

Ha Ha, we laughed about this resolution but I don't know if we can stop all the people moving to Tri-Cities. Tri-Cities has certainly been growing and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.

attachment-new year five

I'm not sure if we're as bad as California these days but it sure feels like it somedays. If you've traveled anywhere in the Tri-Cities during rush hour, you know it quickly becomes a pain especially when drivers aren't paying attention.

attachment-new year four

Common sense would be nice and sadly some people just don't have it.

attachment-new year three

Yeah, the roads in the Tri-Cities are getting bad. I hope that the street maintenance folks will see this post and take notice.

attachment-new year two

The old Red Robin is the rundown Chinese restaurant on George Washington Way in Richland and it's an eyesore. Richland has been renovating along George Washington Way and now it's time for that old building to be renovated or torn down.

attachment-new year one

Navigating roundabouts is a part of life these days. They do serve a purpose and have been proven to be safer than a 4-way stop but as the listener said, people need to learn how to use them.

attachment-new year 11

One of my co-workers pointed out that the Edison Street railroad crossing's arm and lights don't work. I do hope they get it fixed soon because it's a pretty dangerous thing to leave unchecked.

That's our list and I'm sure there are still some things Tri-Cities can do better within 2022. What are your thoughts? Did we miss something and if we did, feel free to App Chat us on your radio station mobile app.

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