What Are Some Scary Urban Legends From Washington State?

Every state has its fair share of urban legends and Washington State is no different.


10 Spooky And Scary Urban Legends You Might Not Know About In Washington State

From spooky sightings to creepy creatures, the legends that exist are sure to shake even the bravest of hearts.

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Some of these stories have been around for years and continue to intrigue both locals and visitors alike.

While some might brush them off as mere stories, these urban legends of Washington State might actually be real to some people who believe these really exist.

As a kid growing up in Washington State, I'd scare my brothers and sisters with some of these ghost stories.

I know that Sasquatch might be the most obvious from Washington State but here are nine others that you might not know about:

10 Washington State Urban Legends That People Think Are Real

From Sasquatch sightings to haunted houses, Washington State has its fair share of urban legends that people think are real. Take a look at our list of 10 of the most notorious ones.

Whether you believe in these myths and legends or not, they’re certainly a fascinating part of Washington’s culture and allure.

So, the next time you find yourself wandering through the woods or exploring the city, keep your eyes and ears open.

Who knows what eerie sighting or unexplained phenomenon you might come across, yes I can neither deny nor acknowledge that all these myths exist in Washington State.

You'll just have to let your imagination wander for yourself.

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