Why Does The Tri-Cities Have So Many Bad Drivers?

Getting on the Blue Bridge from the Lewis Street exit is a chore and dangerous every single day when I get off. I'd like to avoid it but it's the fastest way home for me.

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Here are 15 Things We Are Begging Tri-Cities To Stop Doing While Driving

The problem with the Blue Bridge onto 395 from Pasco is the fact that you are merging from the left side and most drivers camp in that left lane.

The crazy thing is that in the State of Washington if you are merging from the left, you don't have the right of way.

The left-lane campers don't technically have to move over for you and trying to merge is a pain especially if you've got a car in front of you and on the side of you.

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So we asked everyone on Facebook what they think Tri-Cities drivers need to stop doing. It seems plenty of you had things to say so we've compiled a list of the top 15 things we want Tri-Cities to stop doing, in fact, we are begging you to stop doing these things listed below:

15 Things We Are Begging Tri-Cities Drivers To Stop Doing

Drivers call out other Tri-Cities drivers to stop doing these 15 bad driving habits.

I'm sure after seeing that list, you concur that all these bad driving traits are frustrating!

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We can't change others but if you are one of the guilty drivers on our list, it's time to change your ways because you are frustrating the heck out of the rest of us good drivers ha ha ha.

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