There are loads of different ways to reuse and repurpose household items, turning them into pieces that freshen up our home but when was the last time you went into the backyard to forage for items?


About a month ago, after one of our latest wind storms took place, I went outside and noticed there were tons of sticks on the patio. I started collecting the longest, coolest looking ones and hiding them. My husband would assume they need to be thrown away and I needed a lot of them, but for what I still wasn't sure. It wasn't until I found my hidden stash of empty candle jars that it hit me. I could glue the sticks to the cleaned jars and create cool new holders for pens, tools, or new candles! The hot glue I purchased was from the dollar store and the 117 degree days, didn't mix very well. I silently accused my husband of being rough with them when I noticed the sticks and glass jewels just falling off due to the heat. I've purchased extra strength glue for round two and am excited to test out even more options for the jars like dried oranges or some completely covered in lavender.


If you haven't noticed there's a new smell to our morning air. Fall is beginning to creep back into our lives and before you know it, leaves will be falling everywhere. If you enjoy them, why not work on collecting the brightest and best looking of the bunch and mod podge them onto empty jars. I know this is a second craft with jars but have you seen the glow of a finished jar covered in leaves with a candlelit inside? You're going to want to try it out!

Water Color Art

There is a second use for watercolor paper, yes you can paint but have you ever whacked it with a hammer? Collect all the bright-colored flowers in your yard that you love and lay them on a piece of watercolor paper. Put the second piece of paper on top of it and on a sturdy surface. Pound away. The oils and natural color will stick to the paper and now you've got frameable pieces of art you can hang from each year you have a garden.

Ok, the watercolor didn't work but I have another option. Framing pressed flowers.

Orange Slices

Oranges are technically outside however you probably don't have them in the backyard. If you do, lucky you! With or without one in your yard you can thinly slice orange slices, dry them in your air fryer or the oven and use them for all kinds of projects. I decided since I have more than a few empty glass jars, I would hot glue some on one and see what happens. It turned out kinda cool if I do say so myself.

Pro-tip, splurge on the extra strength hot glue. It's clear and holds really well!



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