5 Items You'll Want To Avoid Carrying In Your Wallet Or Purse In WA State

For years I did a big no-no and carried my Social Security card in my wallet. I never lost my wallet but I got lucky.

For Safety Reasons, Five Items You Should Avoid Carrying In Washington State

It can happen to anyone and losing a wallet or purse gives you that sinking feeling in your stomach.

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So here are five things that you should avoid carrying in Washington State:

Woman holding a social security card

Social Security card: Your Social Security number is a unique identifier that should be kept confidential at all times. Your SSN can be used by identity thieves to open new accounts or apply for loans in your name. Therefore, you should never carry your Social Security card in your wallet or purse. Instead, keep it in a secure place like a safe deposit box at your bank or a locked cabinet at home.

Cyber attack or computer crime hacking password on a dark background.

Passwords: Writing down your passwords on a piece of paper and carrying them with you is risky business. If someone finds your wallet or purse, they could gain access to sensitive information such as email accounts, social media profiles, online banking services, and more.

keys in the keyhole

Spare keys: While it may seem convenient to have spare keys for your home or car in your wallet or purse just in case you lose the original ones; it's not wise from a security standpoint. If someone steals your wallet or purse along with the keys inside it; they will have unrestricted access to enter into any space that key opens up.

Credit cards and American money
Credit cards and American money

Excess credit cards: Carrying too many credit cards can lead to overspending and debt accumulation if not kept under check properly. Moreover, if you lose your wallet or purse containing multiple credit cards, it will be challenging to cancel them all and prevent fraudulent transactions. It's advisable to carry only the ones you use frequently or on special occasions.

Close-up of a businessman's hand opening envelope with paycheck

Checks: Carrying checks in your wallet is not recommended due to the risk of theft and fraud. Your checkbook contains sensitive information such as your bank account number, routing number, and signature; which can be used for fraudulent activities like counterfeit checks or electronic withdrawals. Instead, use online bill payment services or carry a debit card.

So be safe and don't carry these things in your wallet or purse, just a friendly reminder.

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