What Are Some Of The Poorest Towns In Washington State?

While Washington is known for its thriving cities, high-paying tech jobs, and world-class universities, there are also many towns in the state that suffer from poverty.

Photo by Andie Kolbeck on Unsplash
Photo by Andie Kolbeck on Unsplash

Some Of The Poorest Towns In Washington State Are Near Tri-Cities Washington

I recall growing up in Clarkston Washington and being jealous of some of my classmates because I assumed they had more money than my family.

I grew up impoverished and had no clue that Clarkston Washington is actually one of the poorest towns in Washington State. 

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Tri-Cities Washington is thriving but sadly right next to us are several towns that still struggle with poverty. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the poorest towns in Washington and explore why they struggle with economic hardship.

7 of the Poorest Towns in WA State Are Next to the Tri-Cities

7 of the poorest towns in Washington State might surprise you.

Even though Washington State offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to live and work here, there are still some areas that are suffering from extreme poverty and economic hardship.

Sunnyside, Clarkston, and Toppenish all have extremely low median incomes and higher-than-average unemployment rates making it difficult for residents to make ends meet each month.

It is important that we continue to support these communities by providing resources like job training programs and financial assistance so that they can become more self-sufficient and prosperous once again.

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