Here are 7 reasons to love Pendleton.

Natasha Spires, Starlight Photography
Natasha Spires, Starlight Photography


  • 1

    Great People

    Pendleton has great people with lifetime friends and it takes a whole village to raise a child.

  • 2

    Big John's Pizza

    Good food makes good people. Big John's is a local pizza place you can only find in Pendleton.

  • 3

    Great Schools

    In Pendleton you'll find great teachers, staff and administrators that really care.

  • 4


    The downtown statues say it all. From the Native Americans to the Oregon Trail, from the Pendleton Round Up to the Woolen Mills, and on into today, Pendleton kids are raised with heritage and legacy.

  • 5

    Local Shops

    Local businesses give a community character, and communities give children character.

  • 6


    In Pendleton you have a great views of the mountains, and a beautiful river. Beautiful scenery creates beautiful people.

  • 7

    Small Town Principles

    Pendleton has your small town feel where everyone knows everyone, and everyone helps everyone. People in small towns grow up with character and a sense of community responsibility.

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