It's almost Halloween and the witches and goblins will soon rise from their shallow graves. We've compiled some of the scariest places around Tri-Cities to check out and each of these places will make your hair stand on end!

Have you ever been to a cemetery after midnight? These seven locations make a cemetery look like a day spa. If you think you can handle the gruesome and macabre, follow me down the path of darkness.

Where Are The Scariest Places In The Tri-Cities?

We've located seven scary places around the Tri-Cities that will put that experience to shame.

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We found places that you wouldn't dare go to a night, much less spend the night there.

Do You Know That A Church In Prosser Is Haunted?

We've got places where ghosts roam free and fences glow in the dark. We've got a place where a drowned boy returns every night and we've got a place where a little girl and a cowboy can't seem to escape our realm into the next beyond.

Did A Boy Really Drown In Finley?

Here are seven places to explore that people swear are haunted in or around the Tri-Cities.

7 Scary Places Around The Tri-Cities That'll REALLY Spook You!

Seven locations around the Tri-Cities that are believed to be haunted!

As you head out this weekend, maybe you'll get the courage to explore these seven haunted places in the Tri-Cities.

I'm sure what you'll find there in the dark will cause your arm hair to stand up to attention and you'll soon know for yourself if these places are really haunted or just a figment of your imagination.

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