Beware If You Live In Washington State, There Are Cougars In The Mountains

The Washington State of Natural Resources captured on a trail camera a cougar in Clearwater State Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. 

puma cougar angry Snarling

What Rules Apply When You Encounter A Cougar Out In The Wild?

The photo is absolutely breathtaking but it's a reminder that danger lurks on Washington mountain trails if you're out hiking.

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You never know what you are going to come across in the wild but you should be prepared for an encounter just in case.

The cougar or mountain lion

How To Stay Safe When You See A Wild Cougar On Washington State Hiking Trails

After the Washington State of Natural Resources spotted the cougar on camera, they thought it might be a good time to remind hikers how to handle a cougar if they come across on the mountain trails.


Here Are 7 Tips To Avoid A Cougar Hiking In Washington State

That old adage applies: better safe than sorry. The picture below is the actual trail cam photo of the cougar out in Clearwater State Forest on the Olympic Peninsula.

washington state of natural resources
washington state of natural resources

Here are the seven rules as posted by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources if you come across a cougar:

1. Don't run away. Rapid movements may trigger an attack.
2. Don't approach the cougar or offer it food.
3. Face the cougar and talk to it firmly. Don't turn your back!
4. Try to appear larger. Hold your jacket open, stand on a rock or stump, stand shoulder-to-shoulder if you're in a group.
5. If the cougar starts to show signs of aggression (teeth bared, tail twitching, hissing, crouching with ears back), get more assertive. Shout, wave, throw anything you have to show the cougar that you're a potential threat, not prey. If you're carrying bear spray, this is the time to use it.
6. If it attacks, fight back & stay on your feet! Grab anything within reach - rocks, sticks, shovels, backpacks. If you are aggressive enough, a cougar will flee, realizing it has made a mistake.
7. Don't invite it inside your house. We know it's cute but... just don't

It's tempting to say "here kitty kitty" but it's not advised.

We did post below a picture of a cougar that you could touch and hug if you need to touch something warm and fuzzy.


If you are hiking in Washington State, just be aware and be careful.

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