I've talked on the air that I lived in Seattle in the late '90s. I lived and worked there for three years and I loved living there. I've always said a perfect sunny day in Seattle is a perfect day.  

I realized that living there and maintaining a livelihood in radio broadcasting would be tough so I decided to focus more on the smaller radio stations in Washington hence the reason that I live in the Tri-Cities.

It is close enough that if I want to road trip to Seattle, it's not that far away and I don't have to worry about always trying to find work in broadcasting.

My friend from High School Jaimie Johnson has lived a good portion of her life in Seattle.

I love watching her Facebook feed for trips to Alki Beach and Pike's Place Market.

Jamie works in healthcare these days right in the heart of Downtown Seattle and she snapped some photos of almost deserted streets during rush hour traffic.

Seattle normally would be jam-packed with vehicles, buses, bikes, and people walking the streets. The photos show a totally different Seattle then what we are accustomed to seeing.

The photos really show an almost spooky and eerie place that looks like it was shot from scenes from a movie. Jaimie says the majority of the pictures come from the intersections of Marion along with 1st to 5th avenues in Downtown Seattle.

I still see the hustle and bustle of the Tri-Cities that seem relatively unaffected by the Coronavirus but seeing these photos from the westside, it really puts into perspective that each part of the state has been hit differently than other parts of the state.

Seattle During COVID-19 Shutdown

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