Credit Benton PUD Facebook
Credit Benton PUD Facebook

If you're behind on your electric bill, you're NOT the only one. Thousands of Washingtonians are behind on paying their utilities. Covid-19 has affected how many of us are able to survive.

While the Governor's extension of the Covid-19 Utility Moratorium expires today, September 30th, there is great news. Benton PUD has opted to extend the Covid-19 Customer Assistance Program through the end of the year.

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Watch how the Covid-19 Customer Assistance Program can help you.

For qualifying customers, it's a way to help reduce or eliminate your overdue balance. According to a release from Benton PUD:

As a not for profit, locally controlled business, Benton PUD exists to meet the needs of our customers, which we have proudly been doing for 75 years. In response to the financial hardships resulting from COVID-19, we offered the Customer Assistance Program beginning in May and are now extending the program through the end of the year. For qualifying customers, this is an opportunity to reduce or eliminate past due balances.

If you are interested and need help with your overdue bill, fill out the application below.

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