What do you do for fun in the Tri-Cities?

Well it might not be a popular activity but it was sure fun for us, but mostly fun for my three year old granddaughter. We decided to go check out the livestock auction in Toppenish just for fun. I mean, doesn't every toddler love farm animals? What better place to see them all than at the auction?

They hold an auction every Thursday and Saturday in Toppenish Washington at the Toppenish Livestock Commission, Thursday is just for cattle but Saturday they have just about every farm animal you can imagine, from goats, sheep, tiny calves, chickens and even puppies! Somehow we managed to leave there with only what we brought, but the puppy almost had a new home. Dodged that bullet with an ice cream cone!

When we first arrived the auction had already started and the auctioneer was going a million miles a minute over the loud speaker, it was a bit overwhelming for a three year old. But once we settled in and she focused on the cows being shuttled through she tuned out the loud rambling noise. We sat for about as long as a toddler could manage to sit and then decided to go exploring!

She found mud puddles, horses to pet, chickens that were anything but friendly, some french fries, a few piles of poop that intrigued her for some reason and then we settled on the fence surrounding the cows. That is where we spent the majority of our afternoon, her perched on a fence just watching the cows and rambling on in her three year old garble. It is a bit of an unorthodox way to have fun but it is free and quite entertaining for a little girl with lots of energy. The best part was she was so worn out she actually took a nap and that NEVER happens! So if you are looking for something out of the box to go do maybe hit up the auction, who knows you might come home with a new farm!

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