Gotta' love our Benton County Sheriff's Deputies.  Thursday proved to be quite a day, as a herd of cattle was discovered near Missimer Road and Albro Road in Prosser.

A good samaritan was able to gather them and keep them safe.  Are they yours?  Do you know who they may belong to?  If you can help, please call the police at 509-628-0333.

Add to Thursday's events, a vehicle traveling at an excessive speed on the Hanford site.  No joke.  The vehicle was clocked at 132 mph in a 60 mph zone.

Whatever the issue, I find it assuring that our deputies are doing their best to keep us safe.

Especially in today's environment, from wildfires to a pandemic. It's nice to know the Benton County Sheriff's Office and our other police departments are working together not only for our safety but for the cows!  Thank you!

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