It has been quite a strange year with the pandemic madness and the weather seems to be right on target for all the craziness. It has been unseasonably warm off and on throughout December and as we roll into a new year it appears the craziness might just continue.

Many people have been taking advantage of the nice weather and getting outside for a little fresh air and exercise. The paths along the river, the mountains in our area and the sidewalks in town have all been cluttered with walkers, runners and people sticking to their new year resolutions.

Oh, and COWS...

That's right! Today in Benton City, Amanda O'Connor spotted this cow going for a stroll along 7th avenue. He appeared he was just taking advantage of this fifty degree weather and getting a little exercise. Of course he is following the rules by walking against traffic and keeping to the sidewalk. Good cow!

Amanda posted earlier today on Facebook looking for his owner and I have not heard back on whether or not they have been located. If you happen to know who this cow actually belongs to you can contact me (Janis) on Facebook and I will do my best to get this cow home.

Cow goes for a walk
Cow goes for a walk



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