It was a bittersweet day at the 98.3 The Key studios today as we said goodbye to Stacy Lee after 25 years of radio broadcasting in the Tri-Cities.

I've been co-hosting the morning show with Stacy for the past four years and she's been an intregal part of the Key morning show since the early 2000s. You've woken up to her voice for many years on the Key but her radio journey started elsewhere before making Key her permanent home.

Stacy went to broadcast school in the middle 1990s when she was 25 and took her first paid radio broadcasting job at 94.5 KATS in Yakima Washington. She quickly discovered that driving back and forth from the Tri-Cities to Yakima wasn't her bag so she bailed on that gig, preferring to look for something a little closer to home.

She was soon hired at K-Wheat down in Pendleton Oregon but it wasn't long before Tri-Cities radio came knocking.

Stacy did the dedication show on 94.9 Thunder Country before being wooed away by our sister station 102.7 KORD. It's at KORD where she did mornings with Chuck Hall for many years. Chuck Hall called us wishing Stacy well with a few stories.

She then jumped over to 98.3 The Key and was paired up with the first of "Big" co-hosts, the first being Big B. Big B called and told us how Stacy and he were always in trouble and in the bosses office.

and lastly, before me, she did many years with another "big" guy, Big Jim. Jim was more than happy to dish out some Stacy stories.

It was awesome to stroll down memory lane with all of her former co-hosts saluting her career. It really says something about who you are when so many former co-workers call in to wish you well.

Stacy Lee is hanging up the headphones after 25 years of radio broadcasting and I'm sad knowing that she is leaving the morning show she and I loved the most.

I love the fact that Stacy is setting sail on a whole new adventure and I know that whatever she does going forward, she'll be a huge success at it.

I'm going to miss sharing my mornings with her but I also couldn't be prouder and I'm glad she got to do it her way which if you know Stacy Lee totally sums up her personality - Enjoy the photo gallery below and here's to wishing Stacy Lee the best of luck in the future!

Stacy Lee Tribute

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