She's a well-known radio personality and now she's going to be on your TV screen nightly. if you caught KNDU's Nightly News last night, you saw a familar face doing the weather and she's there to stay.

Stacy Lee has been part of the Tri-Cities radio for over 25 years as a personality on 98.3 The Key and 102.7 KORD and now she's going to be on your TV screen nightly doing the weather after the retirement of Tim Adams.

Rik Mikals

After 40 plus years, Tim is passing the weather wand to Stacy Lee and if you saw the news last night, you saw this momentous occasion happen.

Rik Mikals

Stacy Lee "retired" from radio this spring but she's didn't stay idle long as she'll now be doing the nightly weather forecast on KNDU-TV.

You can catch on her on the 5, 6, and 11 PM forecasts and you'll also see her on SWX and FOX-TV.

Stacy Lee was a huge part of your mornings on the radio for 25 years and now you can catch her on the nightly news taking over for the retiring Tim Adams.

We miss her on the radio but now you can see her doing the weather forecast nightly on your TV screen.

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