stacy lee

Take a Virtual Trip to Belize With Me
My husband and I took an epic trip to Belize last week. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was. The only down side was customs state side on the way home, it took nearly 2 hours to make it through customs in Houston. Other than that it was a magical place to visit
Do Dogs Feel Love Like Humans?
As you know I have 2 dogs or kids with fur as I like to call them. Sophia a 3 year old Bichon Frise and Sadie Mae a 2 year old Cocapoo. We had Sophia for almost a year when we got Sadie. From the moment we went to pick out the 2nd dog (Sadie) I had my heart set on a blonde boy dog I was going to nam…
My Secret Fantasy Job – Being a TV Weather Woman
If you were listening this morning you may have noticed I did the KNDU news update. There was some sort of technical problem so in a pinch I filled in. When I was in broadcasting school reading the news was always my strong suit. Over the years I have always thought being a TV weather woman would be…

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