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Take a Virtual Trip to Belize With Me
My husband and I took an epic trip to Belize last week. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was. The only down side was customs state side on the way home, it took nearly 2 hours to make it through customs in Houston. Other than that it was a magical place to visit
Do Dogs Feel Love Like Humans?
As you know I have 2 dogs or kids with fur as I like to call them. Sophia a 3 year old Bichon Frise and Sadie Mae a 2 year old Cocapoo. We had Sophia for almost a year when we got Sadie. From the moment we went to pick out the 2nd dog (Sadie) I had my heart set on a blonde boy dog I was going to nam…
My Secret Fantasy Job – Being a TV Weather Woman
If you were listening this morning you may have noticed I did the KNDU news update. There was some sort of technical problem so in a pinch I filled in. When I was in broadcasting school reading the news was always my strong suit. Over the years I have always thought being a TV weather woman would be…
Stacy Lee’s Husband Caught Committing Adultery Online
Netflix adultery that is! It recently came to my attention my hubby is committing "Netflix Adultery" He started the series "Mad Men" some time ago. Well put it this way he's on episode 32....Really 32 and I had no idea he was so into the show. He must have be…

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