As you know I have 2 dogs or kids with fur as I like to call them. Sophia a 3 year old Bichon Frise and Sadie Mae a 2 year old Cocapoo. We had Sophia for almost a year when we got Sadie. From the moment we went to pick out the 2nd dog (Sadie) I had my heart set on a blonde boy dog I was going to name Bentley, however when we arrive at the home of the puppies something interesting happened.

(Sophia & Sadie Mae)

There were a litter of 6 puppies 4 blonde males and 2 black and tan females. All of the puppies were cowering around the Mama dog. We brought Sophia with us to meet the dogs and see how she would react. We were totally surprised when one of the little black females (Sadie) broke free from the litter and came straight over to Sophia. Essentially she picked us. So it was decided we took 7 week old Sadie Mae home.

Usually puppies cry for a few days after leaving their litter, not Sadie Mae it was like these two dogs just bonded. These dogs even though are different breeds are never far from each other. They constantly play together and I believe would be lost without each other. As you can see from my photo they actually spoon each other when they sleep!

According to Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) dogs do have real emotions. Not only for each other but their master as well. Check out this amazing true story from the website Modern Dog. This story is amazing about a dog I'll call a hero.