'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' is opening internationally weeks before it hits the American market, which means that today offered the first tweets and reviews of the movie. And with a number of reports in it's fair to say the film, which stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Dane DeHaan, is not being greeted with the same enthusiasm that '' was, that's for sure.

The most positive review for the Marc Webb film comes from Stefan Pape over at Hey U Guys, who gives the film four stars out of five, and says that the film "remains gloriously faithful to its rather boastful and presumptuous title." Less positive is the three star review (out of five) by Simon Reynolds over at Digital Spy:

 Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems more like an exercise in calculated franchise architecture than its does a cohesive stand-alone blockbuster. Still, you can't fault returning director Marc Webb for skimping on entertainment value.

Ben Nicholson over at Cine Vue also gives it three stars out of five, and says that "while it shares problems with its predecessor, it also confirms Garfield as the very best big screen iteration of Spidey." The most negative of the early reviews comes from Oliver Lyttelton over at The Playlist, who gave it a D rating:

The sequel... doesn't just double down on what didn't work in the first film, it manages to undo some of the good qualities of the original as well. The result is a film that kicks off the summer blockbuster season with a resounding thud.

Though there's obviously a spectrum of opinions on the film, all four reviews mention the movie being stuffed, with too many cooks in the kitchen a similar refrain. Almost everyone is positive on Stone and Garfield, while Foxx's villain is usually noted out as the film's biggest weakness  'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' starts opening internationally on April 16, which means there will be a lot more reviews before Americans get to see it on May 2.

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