Where Are The Safest Places To Hide From Zombies In Washington State?

The world is full of possibilities, including the zombie apocalypse. Now, before you go all "it's just a movie trope" on me, let me tell you that we should always be prepared for the unexpected.


And in this case, you might want to know about the best cities in the state of Washington to survive a zombie outbreak.

I saw a recent survey done by lawnlove.com, Houston Texas was named as the #1 place in the nation to hide from zombies but I don't agree with that ranking.

Where Would You Go In Washington State To Hide From Zombies?

So, let's have some fun and explore what makes a city great for zombie survival and which locations should be on your radar in Washington State, yes, Tri-Cities made my list of best places to hide.

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Here's our top 5 picks:

Washington State's 5 Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

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So there you have it. Five pretty good cities in Washington State to survive a zombie apocalypse. I hope you'll never have to use this information, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

And who knows? Maybe you'll end up loving one of these cities so much that you'll want to move there permanently and always keep a machete handy.

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