A Pasco High School Dance Team Is Auditioning On America's Got Talent

Facing Simon Cowell alone would be intimidating and now it looks like a local high school dance team will get their shot facing one of TV's toughest judges on national TV.

youtube/official hhi SCHWANNA BULLDOGS
youtube/official hhi SCHWANNA BULLDOGS

When Will America's Got Talent New Season Debut?

What an opportunity for the Shwanna Bulldogs, A Pasco High School Dance Team.

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The Shwanna Bulldogs have been invited to audition for America's Got Talent.

Credit: Pasco School District
Credit: Pasco School District

If you're not familiar with America's Got Talent, It's an amateur talent competition TV show that airs weekly on the NBC Network. It stars Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vegara.

The Schwanna Bulldogs Got Invited To Audition For America's Got Talent

The Pasco School District posted the news about the team auditioning on their Facebook page:

The Pasco High School Dance Team, SCHWANNA BULLDOGS, were invited to audition for America's Got Talent! We cannot share the results at this time but be sure to watch the premiere of AGT Season 17 on May 31st! Great job, dancers! We are proud of you.


The Schwanna Bulldogs have been featured in several videos as they competed in the 2021 Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals.

As with most reality TV reality show series, we won't know the results until the episode airs.

According to the School District's posting, the episode will premiere on AGT's season 17 debut episode on May 31st.

I'm sure it's an amazing opportunity for these kids and I'm sure their families are proud of their efforts.

I found a few videos of the team performing at the 2021 Hip Hop Dance Championships and they look amazing.

I know everyone is going to root these kids on when the AGT episode airs on NBC on May 31st.

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