A few weeks ago Visited a local Walmart and found out they were no longer offering plastic bags at checkout. They had them available for purchase and they were only a nickel a piece, but I was already in meltdown mode and I ended up letting it ruin my day. I ended up refusing to purchase bags and hauled my groceries home sprawled out across my jeep. It was a nightmare I created for myself, so naturally, I blogged about it!

Apparently I was not the only customer that had a meltdown that day because it wasn't but a day or two and the bags were back in their original location and free to the public.

We all want to do our part for our earth but bringing your personal bags from home into a grocery store amidst a pandemic seems a bit reckless. Until they pull the bags completely from their checkout stands I will continue to use plastic bags, at least until they find a way to safely bring in bags from home without adding to this pandemic.


I went and did my grocery shopping yesterday and walked out of the grocery store shaking my head in disbelief! Yes, they offered plastic bags. Yes, they bagged them for me. Yes, they were free and yes they DOUBLED BAGGED every single bag! What the heck? Two weeks ago they were pulled completely and now they are using DOUBLE the plastic bags? Maybe it was just that specific checker who decided to double up on every bag or maybe not, either way I was annoyed. I came home and as I put my groceries away I piled the bags onto the table and just stared in disbelief. I was looking at mount-trash-more! Of course I plan to recycle them or reuse them when I need but it just seemed a bit unnecessary!

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