COVID Shortages could delay bag ban (Getty(
COVID Shortages could delay bag ban (Getty(

According to sources, the plastic bag ban that's supposed to take effect January 1st may be delayed.

A group of legislators, grocery store outlets, the Washington Food Association (WFIA) and even some environmentalists are asking Gov. Inslee to delay implementation; for at least a month.

The reason? COVID has created some shortages, as we know. Also the vast increase in take out food and groceries cue to COVID has put dents in the supply chain. Retailers and grocers are concerned they may not be enough paper or other reusable bags to supply to consumers. It's created a shortage of the paper, not just plastic and reusables.

The bag ban goes into effect January 1st, and along with it another economic ding to consumers in that $.8 cent per bag charge which is passed onto the consumer. It's being forced on retailers, and then passed on to shoppers.

No word yet if the ban will be delayed.

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