In the US, allergies are 6th in leading causes of chronic illness. With each season brings new allergies to face. Although spring time may bring the biggest contenders, there are still some allergies to watch out for before this year comes to a close.

In the pacific area (including Washington, Oregon and California) there are several allergies that will continue through the fall and on. This includes grasses lasting through October and Weeds like ragweed, plantain and Nettle that will last all the way through December.

Dust mites, mold, and animal dander are common allergies that appear in the fall and winter. Mold can grow inside or outside, so even though most of the time is spent inside during the colder months you can still get allergies from the outdoors as well as the indoors.

Allergy symptoms can affect you all year round. So, even though there are certain times of the year when allergies are worst, you may not ever get rid of them. Global warming has caused pollen counts to increase over the years meaning the allergy seasons may be longer and worse, affecting your year round allergies even more.

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