Washington State DOT captured 2000 Sheep Rolling Through Blewett Path

A herd of over 2000 sheep made the trek over Blewett Pass and the Washington Department of Transportation managed to get a video of the stampede.


2000 Sheep Create Massive Dust Storm As They Cross Blewett Pass In Washington

The moving of the sheep happens twice a year on Blewett Pass and it creates quite the dust storm.

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If you observe the video, over 2000 sheep create a massive dust storm with their movement and the WA DOT managed to capture the action on video.


Here's the posting from the WA DOT Facebook page:

Stampede! Alright, not really. But we were lucky enough to be out there early Tuesday morning as our crews helped provide some traffic control on US 97 Blewett Pass as about 2,000 sheep made their way across the highway.

This happens twice each summer, first (this time) when they head to grazing land higher in the mountains and then after Labor Day when they head back down. We work with the rancher to coordinate and make sure everyone is safe.

You can hear the sheep coming for about 10 minutes before they show up in a cloud of dust, birds chirping in excitement before the sheep disappear back up into the trees. Quite a sight!

Take a look at the video below provided by the Washington Department of Transportation:

It's pretty amazing to see that many sheep are being moved and if you look closely in the video, you see the rancher's faithful border collies herding the livestock down the road.

Thanks, WA DOT for another amazing video.

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