The Golden Retriever Egg Challenge is all over the internet so I thought I'd try the challenge with my dog Barkley.

The point to the challenge is that Golden Retriever's naturally have a soft and gentle mouth when handling things for their masters. I thought what a perfect time to show off the skills of my Border Collie. (he's actually a collie with Brittany mixed in) but being one of the most intelligent of the dog breeds, I thought this would be a snap for Barkley.

Barkley has never carried an egg in his mouth, just his ball or whatever food packaging he scavenges behind our backs. I think he'll do one of three things with the egg. He'll either wolf it down, it'll break or he won't give it back --- let's see what he does in the video!

Well, that was an unexpected turn of events. My wife pointed out that it's the handler and not the dog that's the issue in this challenge. You'll find the original hilarious video below.


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