This morning my husband shared with me he had attempted to meditate with Headspace but he kept laughing because all he could picture in his mind was me floating around in there with my eyes closed going, "ommmmm" I don't even make that noise but we both had a good laugh because I feel him.

I had to confess that I usually am doing something else while I am listening to my meditation. Driving, so I definitely don't close my eyes, or while I write this! hee hee!

For sure that is NOT how it's supposed to be used but I still feel like I am gaining a lot more chill in my life so this is how I roll! I encouraged him to try again but maybe go three minutes instead of 10, I LOVE the fact you can adjust the time to fit your schedule. :) Maybe he will do it and maybe he won't!

Now, if you have already taken me up on doing this each morning I would love for you to join my new adventure. A FREE Pilates challenge! :)

I joined a free group online and totally spaced that the first challenge was today! :) So I closed my office door at 9 am this morning and took ten minutes to connect with myself  and I have to admit it was awesome and pretty easy.

For the next 10 days I will be going on this adventure and I would LOVE for you to join me. I will post the work-out on here so you can follow along and if you need an extra pick me up find me on social media @sarahjthedj because I have a FREE and private support group that you are more than welcome to join at any time.

Good luck and welcome back to the work week! :)



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