Beggars Banquet is Safe Harbor Support Center's primary fundraiser for local homeless teens in the Tri-Cities area.  Safe Harbor helps children and families heal from trauma and recover from abuse and neglect, in a safe nurturing environment.

For more than 20 years Safe Harbor Support Center has held the Beggars Banquet Official Soup Competition for the title of the Best Soup in the Tri-Cities.  Six local restaurants are competing for the title this year.

Sarah Harpster, Executive Director of Safe Harbor Support Center stopped by to discuss this year's event.

Courtesy of Safe Harbor
Courtesy of Safe Harbor

Only those with punch cards can vote.  Purchase your punch cards HERE.  With your punch card, you can visit each competitor and enjoy a bowl of their competing soup.  You'll be given a code to vote online at the end of the month.  100% of the punch card proceeds will fund programs to help at-risk youth and families in our community, including My Friends' Place.

Along with the soup competition, there's a Virtual Silent Auction from November 29th through December 5th.


Safe Harbor Support Center continues to be open and provide essential services to those in need in our community such as the 24/7 staffing and care for homeless teens at My Friends Place, and Family Assistance packages including:

  • personal hygiene items

  • personal and household sanitation kits

  • diapers and wipes

  • food

  • and many other items as needed and available at Safe Harbor.

Thanks for your support!  Now, go enjoy some delicious soup!

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