The vaccination site at the Benton County Fairgrounds seems to be going pretty smoothly. As of Thursday, the supply of the Covid-19 vaccine was almost depleted, according to Ben Shearer, from the Pasco Fire Department-Southeast Washington Interagency Team.

871 individuals were provided with the vaccine Thursday.  According to a statement issued:

All vaccine registration times have been reserved for the doses that were available for
this week. The Pfizer vaccine vials often come with additional possible doses. As we
end up with additional doses, we are letting people form a stand-by line. We will make
sure that all available doses go in arms by the end of the day.

All doses allotted for this week will be given on Friday.

The site is scheduled to re-open Tuesday through Saturday of next week.  There is NO indication of how much of the vaccine will be available for next week.

Registration dates on PrepMod will be available once the allotment is known. We continue to encourage those seeking a vaccination to check PrepMod frequently. Those who register are reminded to bring their registration confirmation and Phase Finder eligibility.

The site at the fairgrounds is reportedly running very efficiently.  The average wait time on Thursday was 30 minutes from start to finish.

The Department of Health has put out new guidelines to check ID at the vaccination sites. However, the fairgrounds site is not able to handle that process at this time You're asked to please bring your completed Phase Finder certificate and Prepmod appointment certificate.  This will ensure a smooth experience.


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