My husband and I enjoy pizza, a lot. Who serves the best pizza in Tri-Cities?

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We really are fortunate to have a variety of pizza joints in our area. From Hubby's Pizza in Kennewick to Brick House Pizza in West Richland, I don't believe I've ever had a pizza I didn't like.

Admittedly, I'm a pizza snob and will never turn down lunch at a pizza parlor.

Shakey's USA Pasco Facebook
Shakey's USA Pasco Facebook

Shakey's in Pasco is known for its lunch buffet and game-room. In fact, Shakey's Pizza has always been a favorite since I was a youngster in Minnesota. Every kid had their birthday party at Shakey's. One of the features of Shakey's was the huge windows between the dining hall and the kitchen. You could order pizza and then watch it being prepared. It was awesome to watch the dough being tossed and stretched, sauce and toppings added, and then into the oven, you could watch the entire process.

Round Table Pizza locations in Tri-Cities are owned by Columbia Industries.

In 2019, Round Table Pizza joined our lineup of commercial enterprises that help fund our mission of supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities and other challenges. When you choose to eat Round Table Pizza, you’re not only enjoying high-quality pizza, you’re making a difference in the lives of individuals in need.

We really are blessed to have a tremendous selection of pizza places to choose from. Let us know where your favorite pizza joint is.

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