Scammers are always looking for the newest way to help part your hard earned money from you.

The Kennewick Police Department posted this new scam and it'll make you suffer twice as much if it happens to you. Here are the details on the scam

At least two victims in Kennewick have been scammed out of items they had for sale and cash.

The suspects are described as skinny white male in his 20’s with “scabs & pock marks” on his face. He was wearing a black shirt. The second suspect is a white female in her 50’s also with “scabs & pock marks” on face. They were last seen driving an older white truck with a U-Haul type trailer.

In both instances the suspects contacted person who had posted items for sale on “LetGo”. They then purchased the items using counterfeit $100.00 notes. The notes they used were 2006 series with the serial number of KF04460395B. The notes did not have the usual security features on them such as watermarks, security strips or colored threads.

The victims not only lost the property they thought they were selling but also gave the suspects change for their purchase, suffering two losses. If you come across these subjects give The Kennewick Police Department a call at (509) 628-0333.

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