Well, I got to work today and noticed food in the Sales office and when I asked..who's birthday? What's  going on...?  The reply was "It's Bosses Day today!"

OH NO! How did I miss this? I have the best boss in the world! How can I be sooo insensitive and not know this?

I felt terrible! So, I snuck out and ran to costco to buy "Mr. 0% body fat Paul Drake" a gift!

I was in a horrible hurry since, I really shouldn't have been leaving work and sneaking anyway, but I just couldn't NOT do anything!

So...what to get "MR. FITNESS" I opted for a pair of running gloves for winter, since he is an avid runner. These ones have a special finger thing that makes you able to use your Ipod even with them on!

So, I wrapped them in used tissue paper I found.( since I didn't think I should take MORE time to go wrap it!)  I wrote a hand written note on printer paper and threw it to him at his desk apologizing profusely for not knowing and having to sneak out of work!

He was as gracious as ever! He truly is a super neat boss and just a great human being! I'm always impressed with him and I really appreciate the fact that HE is my boss!

I swear next year I will be better prepared! But, the truth of it is..this is sooo like me! I'm just not organized enough and I have a million forks in a million fires! That is just the truth of it! I'm NOT proud of this fact! But, I admit, I'm not sure if I can do this better since there are so many OTHER things I'm TRYING to do BETTER at the moment! Geez! Anyway, How did YOUR Boss's Day go? Did you mess up? Do ok? were YOU prepared?

Please post and let me know!




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