Congratulations to all the graduating students everywhere! This is such an exciting time for everyone but it also can be very scary based on the fact that the road is open to you, where are you planning on going? Do you have a Plan B?

For anyone out there who is feeling lost right now, Emily would say, "we make the road by walking." You might have always had a game plan but now that all the boxes have been checked, you look up and you're feel unfulfilled. Or you had a certain path you wanted to take and no matter what doors have been presented to you, they just aren't opening!

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The Saturn Return

Saturn takes 28 years to make a full cycle, it is NOT uncommon at age 26, 27 to feel like you're having a bit of a life crises. It can be very disorienting, it is all designed to get you moved into the right place. More painful if you resist it but this won't be the only time you feel shuffled by the Unaversive. It will happen again in your late 50's.

We are not creatures that consciously go looking for change, it normally happens when we are forced to pivot but just know, your soul is calling for a daring adventure. Will you answer?

Emily wants to help you find what lights you up, moving forward in the direction that is going to be the right situation for you. Just because you aren't doing what you thought you were going to be doing at 18 and now you are 28, you haven't failed. You are getting better and better and it's important to be aware of what lights you up and what drags you down.

Take a Moment to Listen to the Plan B Interview Below

A big congratulations to our winners of one hour sessions with Emily so far, Francis, Elizabeth and you could be next!

Emily Jameson

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