Does this mugshot look familiar? It seems we've seen this guy before.

credit: Pasco Police Department

30-year old Dustin Allen Bushnell of Burbank was taken into custody on Friday morning at Pasco tow yard. Pasco Police detectives were on the scene as the felon arrived to retrieve a pickup truck.

Credit: Dave Allen

Police knew Bushnell was wanted for several active warrants. Police report that Bushnell was cooperative and the vehicle he arrived at the tow yard in was seized as evidence. Stolen property was recovered.

Dave Allen

After arresting him, Police found Bushnell had a pistol loaded with live rounds and one in the chamber. Additional rounds of ammo were also found.

Police are quite familiar with Bushnell.

Pasco Police

You might remember the article about a stolen playground slide discovered in a Burbank home. Bushnell is THAT guy. The slide was stolen from Tierra Vida Park playground in Pasco. As Police were searching for stolen catalytic converters, which they recovered, they also located the slide.

As a felon, Bushnell is not to carry any firearms. He was booked at the Franklin County Jail for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

Police say that this remains an active investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 509-628-0333.

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