Do you have cabin fever? I have the solution for you...Free workouts being offered today at Aagaard Fitness in Kennewick.....FREE

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Visit Aagaard Fitness today from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and enjoy a free workout with a personal trainer.

Looking for a small, private, personalized fitness facility? And If you are ready for One of the most physical workouts you will ever encounter then you have found what you are looking for . Throughout this monthly series of training you will participate in a variety of exercises comprised of body weight, functional strength, and endurance style training. Also included in this monthly program is measurements, a body fat analysis, before and after pictures, weight, and a meal plan. Our workouts range from sled pulls/pushes, planks,battle ropes, tires, squats, deadlifts, to everything in between. Our address is 135 Vista Way (old Aqua Tropics)in Kennewick you can set up a free consultation and workout through private messaging us on our aagaard fitness page, call 987-7261, or visit the contact section of our website

$175.00/Month to month
$150.00/3 month contract
$125.00 /6 month contract
$100.00/ 12 month contract
5am-6am. 2pm-3pm
6am-7am. 3pm-4pm
7am-8am. 4pm-5pm
8am-9am. 5pm-6pm
9am-10am. 6pm-7pm
10am-11am. 7pm-8pm



Come as many times a week as you want
We have a playroom free of charge for small children.

I've been working out at Aagaard Fitness since the beginning of the year and am impressed with the simple yet effective work out experience. Each workout is designed specifically for you and your fitness goals!

Don't miss the ribbon cutting today at 4:30 p.m. located in the old Aqua Tropics building 135 Vista Way in Kennewick

(509) 987-7261



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