Can Your Employer Legally Hold Your Washington State W-2?

Everyone wants to get their hands on their W-2 so they can file their taxes, but unfortunately, sometimes employers may decide to withhold the W-2 from the employee.

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What Can You Do If Your Employer Doesn't Provide A W-2 - We Tell You

If you’ve ever been employed in Washington State, you know that your employer must provide you with a W-2 form at the end of the year.

This form is an important document that contains information about your income, taxes paid, and other financial information, but what happens if your employer doesn’t provide this form?

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Here's what Washington State law says about your W-2 release even if your employer tries to withhold your W-2:

Why Employers Must Provide a W-2 Form

Under federal law, employers are required to provide employees with a W-2 form by January 31st of each year.

The purpose of this form is to report wages and taxes withheld from an employee's paycheck over the course of the previous calendar year.

The IRS uses this information to verify tax return information filed by taxpayers. Without a W-2, it can be difficult for taxpayers to prove their income or deductions on their tax returns.

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Washington State Laws Regarding W-2 Forms

In addition to federal laws regarding W-2 forms, Washington State has its own laws regarding the withholding of these documents.

In Washington State, employers are required to provide employees with their W-2 forms no later than February 15th of each year.

What To Do If Your Employer Withholds Your W-2 Form

If you have not received your W-2 form by February 15th and your employer still refuses to provide it, there are several steps you can take in order to obtain the document.

First and foremost, contact your employer directly and request that they provide you with the document as soon as possible.

You can also contact the IRS for assistance; they may be able to help you obtain a copy of the document from your employer or even file an extension on behalf of yourself or your business if necessary.

Lastly, consider filing a complaint with the Washington Department of Labor & Industries; they may be able to investigate and/or mediate a resolution between you and your employer if necessary.

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It is important for employers in Washington State—and all other states—to understand their legal obligation when it comes to providing employees with their annual W-2 form.

By law, employers must make sure that all employees receive their forms no later than February 15th of each year; failure to do so could result in serious penalties from both state and federal governments.

Fortunately, there are numerous options available for employees who have not received their forms on time including contacting both their employers directly as well as seeking assistance from either state or federal agencies such as the IRS or Department of Labor & Industries respectively.

Knowing what steps need to be taken when dealing with such matters can help ensure that all parties involved remain compliant with applicable regulations while also ensuring everyone gets what they need in a timely manner.

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