We never really know how long we have on this earth so it's always a good idea to live every day like it's our last. It can be tough to move away from the frivolous concerns in life but the amazing thing about life is that will also provide you with stories to remind you of why life is so precious.

We received this message earlier today and want to be able to spread the word

I was hoping to see if there is somehow a way you guys would be willing to do something to help out a friend. she was raised here in Yakima and I've known her since very small. shes fighting a battle with cancer and has two small boys. both under the age of 10. single mom and has one last wish.

This friend is Casandra, who at the tender age of 28, is battling stage 4 cervical cancer. A single mother with two sons, hoping to create memories that will live on long after she has passed.

Her story is intense, finally gaining strength to leave an abusive relationship only to find out she now has a new battle to fight.

If you are able to donate CLICK HERE

Even sharing this information with friends and family would be greatly appreciated. No one has to fight these battles alone and we want her to know she is cared for.

Keep up the good fight lady and let's get the memories rolling

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