A vast amount of marijuana was destroyed Wednesday in Touchet after three cannabis farms were accused of growing more than allowed by Washington law.

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Agents with the state Liquor and Cannabis Board were on hand to witness the demolition of almost 13,000 pounds of marijuana plants. The ready for harvest cannabis was placed into holes in the ground mixed with dirt, making them useless.

Both Black Diamond Cannabis and Evergreen Nirvana are licensed to grow 30,000 square feet of the crop. Green Volvacano is licensed for 10,000 square feet. All were notified that they were growing in excess. The three adjoining farms are located at the end of a dirt road in Walla Walla County.

The farm owners believe they're being penalized unfairly by state regulators in response to complaints made by competitors in the marijuana industry.

Walla Walla County banned all recreational cannabis farms in 2014. However, the three farms were able to continue as medical marijuana grow operations. The farms are the only pot producers in the county.

Then, in October the farms were sent notices from the state Liquor and Cannabis Board that half of their product would be destroyed in the near future, as they were notified that they were growing significantly more than what state law allows.

The farm owners accuse the LCB of changing its interpretation of rules regarding growing and production space resulting in the recent destruction of the harvest. Approximately $3 million dollars worth of marijuana was destroyed.

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